brazilian jiujitsu and submission grappling tournament in ct

October 11, 2008 at 2:17 pm

Demonstrate your brazilian Jiu Jitsu Skills and improve your submission grappling technique October 25, 2008 8:30am.this is a great way to get yoursef ready for MMA.

Jim Hughes and Royce Gracie New England GRAPPLING and BRAZILIAN JIU JITSU Tournament:put your martial art and self defense skills to the ultimate test.

Open to members of our network of schools throughout New England, plus anyone who has competed in our prior tournaments on the Beach, and any Royce Gracie Jiu Jitsu member worldwide.


10/25 8:30am registration.

Competition begins immediately after the 9:30 rules meeting. (We run this thing pretty tight, you guys already know to show up on time and ready to go).

Full Gi only for this one.

1.White belt:
2.Blue and Purple:

Weight classes:
Below 179
Above 179

5 Minute time limit. See or for rules. Your points accumulate just like all our other tournaments and determine invitations to full scale shows. The rules are the same. The only difference is that we wearing gi’s and we are defining divisions by skill level and weight classes (our past tournaments have been ABSOLUTE divisions with random pool assignments.

$40 registration. Cash at the door. (Gold Members, you are all set, come and compete).

Medals will be awarded plus our newly designed hooded sweat shirt and t shirt design worn by the Royce Gracie Mohegan Sun Fight Team in August — to those who place in each division.

This tournament will be held in our competition ring set up at Sportsworld, 226 Main St, East Windsor CT. for directions.

See you Saturday October 25 at 8:30AM SHARP.

Put the last weekend of January and March on your calendar for our next tournaments. These will be at Sportsworld (We will return to the beach next summer when it warms up).

Guys, remember the first tournament at Paddy’s last year at this time? It was cold outside and we held it in the bar. We made it work but it was pretty tight. Well, we can fit about 1000 Paddy’s in our new winter home. We will have plenty of space.

In fact, I am thinking to add a little extra fun, we might just throw down an old school kick ball game that all our kids and and wives and girlfriends can join in along with us. Let see if we can talk our resident kickball expert, Ryan Greco, into being the Chief Petty Officer of organizing the activity. I was thinking that it might also be a good way to keep people warm while they are waiting for their match. But then I remembered, our tournament is not like your typical tournament. It is half the cost and 10 times better. It is action packed and we generally don’t have people sitting around all day and night waiting for a match.

Bring your family and friends. There is NO charge for the audience. Tell them to bring their kick ball uniforms.

(I don’t know, I have not played kick ball since 5th grade. I do have a lot of good memories about the game. Ryan tells me that it is the up and coming thing to do. Listen, if you don’t want to compete, just come and hang out with us and invest your day in playing).

Now, get out there and LIVE THE LEGEND,

To your success in Jiu Jitsu and in LIFE!

262 Park Road
West Hartford CT 06119

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